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Top 5 benefits of adding spices to your recipe

Have you asked yourself "what is a spice?' or 'what is the benefit of adding a spice to my recipe? This short blog will shed some light. There is a real beauty in spices. They add colour, literally as well as figuratively. In fact, current trends show a continuous growth in the use of spices in Britain which is a good thing. In addition, your life and diet both need to be spiced up.

You’re probably wondering why we are such a big advocate for spices. The thing is, once you read through the entire text, you’ll be one of us or, let’s say, become a big advocate for spices. Your diet needs to be tasty but healthy, too. Lucky for you, spices have been known to be a cure for many diseases and a healthy ingredient‌. Stay put to find out how incorporating spices into your food can be beneficial for you. As we always say, live well and avoid excesses.

Extends lifespan

Spices, according to many studies, are known to contribute to a cure for heart diseases and cancer. All thanks to capsaicin, which is an important element of chillies that aids in the treatment of heart diseases and cancer. It serves to act as an antioxidant and provides anti-inflammatory properties which are an ultimate way of expanding the lifespan of a person.

Hence, using spices in your diet is a way of living the long road ahead waiting for you.

Fights inflammation

Chronic inflammation, like cancer and heart diseases, is not the one that spices help to battle up. Spices are also particularly good at defeating acute inflammation. If you are undergoing any sort of swelling or pain, taking a meal with spices in it can be good for you.

Ever seen how ancient people were fond of using ginger or garlic anytime they faced a minor inconvenience? That was their way of fighting inflammation.

Many spices have been known to have anti-inflammatory properties in them. This way, you are safe from many health problems that can arise. In fact, the simple and easiest way would be sprinkling a pinch of black pepper on a boiled egg, giving you all the ‌benefits.

Kills Bacteria

The news keeps getting better and better with spices and their flame. Hot cuisine lovers know they are in for all the health benefits. If you’re not one of them, we hope you will add these to your must haves.

Spices are an incredible source of killing bacteria, not because they are hot. According to the research held at Cornell University, spices fight bacteria. The studies showed simple results that people using spices in their diet lived for a longer time. Most spices have been known to kill 75% of them while others can kill up to 25% of bacteria.

This could be the reason why hot-climate countries like India and Malaysia use too many spices in their food items, thus acting as a preservative. The use of spices substantially decreases when we move towards colder countries, as they tend to use other means to preserve their food.

Improves Digestion

Your digestive tract can often be a cause of discomfort. People who undergo nausea, diarrhoea and heartburn understand the severity of pain that they have to bear. In case you have to face any of these issues and the pain is mild, the good news is that you can fix it at home.

Making use of spices to treat digestive issues is not a modern strategy. People have been doing it for centuries and it works. This takes place because of the stimulation of the liver as you eat spices. As the liver is stimulated, it results in the secretion of bile, which handles the digestion of fats in the body.

That’s not all. Spices are also a great fix to help prevent bloating. Babies are often given ginger and honey to treat bloating in them. Remember in all things use moderately.

Helps in weight loss

Probably the best part for diet-conscious people will be how spices make a pleasant companion for your weight loss journey. Take turmeric, for example, which makes an excellent detox drink. Putting half a teaspoon of turmeric in milk will not only act as a great anti-bacterial drink but also aid in reducing weight. Many spices like fenugreek will be your saviour by stopping you from overeating. Other spices can lower your appetite if you accommodate them in your food.

One way or another, spices can do you and your body several charms. The food you eat has to have great taste and health benefits. We make a unique blend of flavours and have critically chosen herbs and spices that help you create a nostalgia of great tasting food. Thanks for reading through. We hope you got a better understanding on why you should use spices. Why not check out our range.


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