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  • Do you have any recipes?
    Yes we have some recipes on our Instagram page and YouTube channel.
  • Can I marinade with these?
    Yes you can and we also have a Barbecue rub and Chicken seasoning
  • I Love hot and chilli sauces. Do you have any?
    Yes our hot sauces are Hot Pili Pili Sauce, Yellow Chilli Ketchup and Green Jalapeno Sauce
  • I don't like hot sauces, do you have anything mild?
    Yes, we have some savoury sauces they are: the Spiced Barbeque Sauce, Golden Fruity Chutney and Savoury Curry Sauce.
  • Are any of these products fruity in taste?
    Our fruity tasting products are Fruity Cool Ketchup and Festive Cranberry Chutney
  • Which of these products are sweet?
    Our sweet tasting products are Sweet & Spicy Tomato Ketchup and Citrussy Carrot Ketchup.
  • Are your condiments vegan friendly?
    Yes they are vegan friendly and made with natural ingredients.
  • Can I cook with these products?
    Yes you can. It depends on what taste or recipe you are creating.
  • Can I add this products straight to my food?
    Yes you can, they are all ready to eat.
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