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Why choose Succulento?

Take a quick read through our Ethos.


We feel your pain

The whole idea of Succulento is to ensure you enjoy the full essence of food. Food is more than just eating. It is also for healing the body and adding its nutritional value for our wellbeing. You deserve more and your health is key. Many people are facing health challenges due to the food readily available. This is why we have created recipes that connect you to the soul of food by primarily using natural ingredients. 


Natural Goodness

We have intentionally chosen to use natural ingredients in making all our products, primarily due to our first hand experience in agriculture. This is one of the key foundational blocks of our heritage and we will always prioritise using natural ingredients, because they are healthier and help you produce that authentic taste when you cook, dip or grill. We also have a couple of spices with no added salt and sugar when you need to keep a very stringent diet, for health reasons and still experience rich flavour.


Unparalleled Taste

We are taste enthusiasts and ever keen to help you recreate the nostalgia of great tasting food. This is another major foundational block from our heritage and it is experienced in every product. You enjoy an amazing combination of flavours from the natural ingredients with salt or sugar to add a balance to the flavour notes. It is no surprise we are winners of the prestigious Great Taste Awards in the United Kingdom. If it tastes great, it is Succulento.


Cultural Connection

Our roots are from Nigeria, the most populous black nation in the world with over 250 ethnic groups and an extensive range of gastronomic menus. In Nigeria, food and the entire experience is "Unreal". In addition, we have had the privilege of travelling and experiencing other global cultures, which has also influenced our thought patterns. Thus, you have an opportunity to experience an exceptional fusion from our products.



From cooking a storm in the kitchen, to trying out your skills as a Pitmaster when grilling to simply dipping, our range of condiments show up strong, ensuring that you have a memorable experience. Welcome to the joy of food. 

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Succulento are Great Taste Producers and have won awards on our hot sauces


Get to Know Us

We, Dami and Ify, are excited to have you here. We are taste enthusiasts with a rich heritage in the hospitality industry and all we want to do is have you enjoy amazing fresh, natural and spicy flavours, when you cook, grill or just want to dip. We have bagged some food industry awards like the prestigious Great Taste Awards, so be rest assured you are in good hands.

Remember, if it tastes great, it is Succulento. Join our flavour adventure, we know you deserve more.

Succulento are producers of delicious condiments made to help you create amazing recipes.

Verified Customer Product Reviews

So much flavour! I have repurchased the BBQ rub, Jamaican
seasoning and both are so full of flavour. A little goes a long way.
I also purchased the Suya spice; haven’t tried it yet but smells
incredible. Love this brand x

Catie A.

YOTPO Review


Partner with Us
Will you like to partner with us to share the joy of food at your shop or event? Click the link below and share the details. We look forward to hearing from you. Lets share the good news. Remember if it tastes great, it is Succulento.

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