Original Naija Suya Spice


Grill or cook your meats with our Original Naija Suya Spice to be instantly transported to the streets of Nigeria where rows of ‘suya’ carts engulfed in smoke tease and tantalize you, irresistibly. Smoky, fiery, and peanutty, this spice is a treat that shouldn’t be missed.

Ingredients Peanuts, Cayenne, Smoked Paprika, Garlic, Ginger, Onion Powder, Himalayan Salt.

Allergen in Bold contains NUTS

We recommend: Use for your chicken, beef, lamb kebabs and create new barbecue adventures. Gives your party a spin.

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Original Naija Suya Spice – 60g

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Original Naija Suya Spice – 150g

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