Naija Box | A rich contemporary taste of Nigeria


A six-in-one combo of rubs, spices and sauces, this box neatly wraps up the rich and diverse flavour heritage of Nigeria. Take a walk along Nigeria’s street food stalls and sneak a peek into our bibi’s kitchen as you cook, season and grill with these specialties, especially made to introduce you to our world of delectable flavours.

This box includes: Hot Pili Pili Sauce, Green Jalapeno Sauce, Spiced BBQ Sauce, Flavorful Naija BBQ Rub, Original Naija Suya Spice, and Tasty Pili Pili Flavouring.

We recommend: Use in your chilli sauce recipe for Shawarma, Kebab, Meat balls and as a side sauce for rice. You can also use for a delicious lamb recipe, pork ribs and dip your chips.

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