Flavorful Naija BBQ Rub


An aromatic amalgamation of classic Nigerian spices and herbs, this rub enhances the natural flavours of meats with a touch of subtle sweetness that compliments the smokiness of the BBQ. Slather it on pork, beef and chicken for a succulent feast right off the grill.

Ingredients Smoked Paprika, Garlic, Ginger, Marjoram, Thyme, Parsley, Basil, Cayenne, Cloves, Star Anise, Sugar, Cinnamon, Onion, Coriander, Oregano, Chilli Powder, Salt.

We recommend: Use to create exotic recipes for a flavoursome BBQ marinade for your steaks, lamb, chicken wings, thighs and pork chops.

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Flavorful Naija BBQ Rub – 60g

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