When we arrived the United Kingdom, we settled in Aberdeen, Scotland. My wife and I missed our friends, family, music, food and the African sun. But something stood out, ‘fresh, rich flavoured food’. Eating was not the kind of fun we knew and this was a sore spot for us. We researched and noticed there was a growing hunger for real delicious flavour in the United Kingdom and we took up the challenge to make eating an interesting experience globally. Our love and desire to make eating an interesting experience globally is one of the major expressions of our rich heritage and the idea behind Succulento

My mum is a caterer and owned a restaurant in Nigeria, which operated as a family business, and I helped out whenever I was home from school. It catered for the educational sector and managed all sorts of parties.  After my education in Nigeria, I travelled the world experiencing different tastes and flavours, which further expanded my culinary ideas and recipes. I  still use my Mum’s amazing dough recipe to make family pies.

Ify, my darling wife, loves cooking, creating new flavours and also has a cooking certificate which she earned after her secondary  education, before going to University to get a law degree. This was because her mum has an industrial farm and she had planned to start a catering company, which she started before travelling to the UK. She always loves to try out and make new recipes. When she isn’t in the kitchen, she sings and has a collection of songs and albums under her label, is an author and cares for our lovely kids! 

Thus, in 2013, I left Aberdeen’s Oil Industry and we filled our kitchen with fresh vegetables, spices and hit on our special Dami & Ify sauces! We started a street food business, and offered Aberdeen’s workplaces with our own ‘Shawarma’ wraps and sides, but people were super-excited about our sauces. So, we scaled up production and in 2019 we did a rebrand and launched our range of sauces and ketchups.

So far, we have won some awards including the Great Taste Awards and partnered with different players in the food & drink industry to offer some exceptional tasting products. Our passion for food, is rooted in our collective family experience in the food industry from a rich heritage spanning more than fifty years of growing, prepping and serving in the hospitality sector. Welcome to contemporary Naija flavours to the world. We are here to make taste, a whole lot tastier.

2020 Great Taste
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