Nigerian-inspired Sauces, Rubs, & Spices to flavour-bomb your meals!

 Add some afrobeats to your ordinary dishes when you dress or dip your meats, chips, and seafood in Succulento’s lip-smacking range of hot sauces, ketchup, rubs, and spices inspired by the rich heritage and tantalizing flavours of Nigeria.

Whether it’s pili-pili-fying your fried chicken, rubbing a touch of ‘Naija’ to your pork, or blowing a Caribbean kiss to the ribs on the grill, the Succulento condiments and sauces are the magic ingredient you need to turn any backyard BBQ or weekday dinner to an adventurous party.

Handcrafted in small batches in the UK by the flavour-obsessed Nigerian couple – Dami and Ify Odugbemi, the 100% plant-based Succulento sauces and seasoning are made from the freshest natural ingredients and influenced by Dami and Ify’s love for home cooking and intergenerational restaurateur experience of catering to the hospitality industry for over 50 years. 

As migrant students in the United Kingdom, missing friends, family, the music, food, and the warmth of the African sun, Dami and Ify turned to ‘flavour’ to bring a slice of Nigeria to their newfound home. They discovered that delicious food not just spiced up their lives but also unified people from all walks of life. Spurred by their vision to make eating an interesting experience, globally, the couple initially launched its street food business serving shawarma wraps and sides – chockful of fresh vegetables and their own ‘Dami & Ify sauces,’ to Aberdeen’s hungry office people. As per popular demand, they then exclusively launched Succulento sauces and condiments, now titillating tastebuds not just in the UK, but the world over!

Winning hearts and awards, including the ‘Great Taste Awards’ and partnering with an interesting cross-section of food & drink experts in the hospitality industry, Succulento is here to transform every meal at every home into a delightfully delicious moment worth lingering around! Remember, if it taste great, it is Succulento.

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